Business Immigration

We have consistently succeeded in obtaining on behalf of business entities and their employees, U.S. immigration and work authorization benefits, including but not limited to business visas, work visas and legal permanent residency status. Through the use of E-Visas, L-Visas, O-Visas and E-B categories of permanent residency, our office has represented Clients in establishing new businesses in the U.S. and in purchasing existing businesses, for use obtaining either temporary or permanent United States residence of Clients and their families.

Our principal focus in the immigration field is to win immigration authorization for Clients and their families, so that Clients may succeed with their business goals within the United States. We can assist you in:

  • Evaluation of the best temporary or permanent immigration options
  • Formation of new businesses
  • Contract negotiations for important business agreements
  • Preparation of strong immigration applications and petitions, aimed at succeeding with your business and personal goals.

For almost ten years prior to establishing Avila Legal Counsel, P.A., Manny Avila was the Managing Attorney for the Immigration Department of a major U.S. regional law firm, Vernis & Bowling. On behalf of Vernis & Bowling, he managed all of the law firm’s immigration representation practice for the firm’s offices in three States, covering 10 Office locations throughout the U.S. South East Region, for Florida, Georgia and Alabama. In that capacity, he served as attorney for both private business and government agency Clients which sought legal status for their foreign employees. Today, he continues to offer legal representation for many different types of Clients and businesses, in the establishment of U.S. business entities and/or work authorization for employees coming to the United States for either temporary or permanent work assignments.

Family and Personal Immigration

We represent individuals in all aspects of personal immigration and U.S. visitor goals, including but not limited to:

  • Visitor visas
  • Fiancée visas
  • Marriage Cases
  • Immediate Relative Cases

We also represent individuals who have been placed into removal proceedings (deportation) before the U.S. Immigration Courts.

Our Process

We focus first upon screening a Client’s status to determine whether the Client can, with our legal representation, present a successful application for a visa, permanent residency or naturalization (U.S. Citizenship).   Our goal is to avoid the Client’s waste of time or money in applying for visas that are not likely to be granted. We then work to ensure that the strongest case or application possible is presented to the U.S. Government on behalf of our Client.

We are happy to review your circumstances via an initial free phone consultation.  If you present a possible successful immigration case, we would then schedule an initial in depth phone/video conference or meeting to review your personal circumstances and the strongest strategy to obtain the required immigration approvals.